Why You Need Our Service Maintenance Plan?


With any installation our certified technicians complete, the job is never fully done. That might sound a bit odd, but it is the truth. This goes for most installation services you might have performed around your house or at your business. Technology may have come a long way, but there is always that chance that it will fail on you. This is why the technician’s job is never complete. In order to keep your installed products up and running for years to come, maintenance must be performed on them. This might be a semi-annual or annual task, but when it comes to keeping your products going, it is not something to be skipped out on.

One of the contracts we like to offer to our customers is our Service Maintenance Contract. This includes a full inspection of the systems and the checklist is quite long of all the tasks that are included. Rather than spending the extra money to pay for service calls for inspections or for emergency servicing of a failed system, it is best to have the maintenance contract. It saves you money, and if you ever have an emergent situation or recurring problem, there is never any hesitation to call because your contract covers it all.

By having a technician come out regularly to keep up with the products, you are preventing any possibilities of your system malfunctioning due to minor issues such as a frayed cable or an unfocused camera. Usually, if there is something going on with your system, and we were the ones who installed it, the repairs can be simple. If by any chance you do have a malfunctioning piece of equipment, and it is under a warranty plan, we are able to replace your faulty equipment with a functioning one.

With all of the new technology coming out for security systems, it can be a bit intimidating to deal with the computer or software glitches that may pop up. Under the contract, we can do a remote assessment of the problem, and tend to resolve the issue without much stress on your behalf. Another bonus is that doing it remotely allows us to immediately take care of it. There is no need to wait for onsite tech support to schedule an appointment and then come out, rather, that day the tech can take care of any computer related problem that can be remotely fixed.

The perks of signing up with our contract also extend for future projects you may require as we offer discounts to those customers. There are many benefits to signing up, and if you decide not to go through with the maintenance contract, you are taking the chance that you will have to pay extra in any possible future malfunctions. It is highly recommended that inspections and maintenance is performed for security systems according to the manufacturers, so by signing up with the contract, you get many more advantages on top of the already required tasks.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to sign up for our service maintenance plan. Contact us today!

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