What’s the point of a surveillance system if it’s out of focus or the DVR stops recording properly? HandyVets offers service plans to help you protect your home or property by extending the life of your cameras and DVR.
Our Annual Service Plan includes 3 service calls annually to:

Clean Lenses = Clear Surveillance
  • Clean lenses
  • Re-focus cameras
  • Check & clean DVR
  • Check interior & exterior connections
  • Clean power supply
  • Modify systems settings as needed
Service plan prices vary by system specifications and what is required to maintain the system. Annual Service Plan members receive service labor at a reduced rate for trouble service calls.
*Annual service plans are only available for systems purchased through us OR for systems we install and program for you.
** We can install systems from the big box store.
2 Installation Options:
  1. RSA Properties runs the wire & customer programs the system with customer service
  2. RSA Properties runs the wire & coordinates with customer service to program the system


  • Magnetic door locks
  • Front door intercom systems
  • Improved lighting
  • Fire protection systems & control panels (Commercial Only)
  • Control from mobile devices
  • Hidden cameras
Contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Preventative Maintenance for Security Systems

RSA Properties can provide assurance that your security systems are operating at their peak with our comprehensive preventative maintenance program. By inspecting your systems on a scheduled basis, you avoid system downtime in the event a component fails.
RSA Properties Preventative Maintenance plans cover all types of protection systems including intrusion alarms, video systems, access control systems and integrated solutions; all customized to your needs. Add a RSA Properties Service Plan to make sure all required repairs are covered.
  • Visual inspection of devices
  • Walk-test of system components
  • Cleaning of devices as needed
  • Verification of communication link
  • System training
  • Programming back-up and software patch updates for PC-based systems (as available)
  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual inspection options available
  • Access to technical support through our Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

Annual Service Plans

Extended Warranty Plan

Security camera systems require periodical service maintenance. Inspection and testing should be done every six months to a year. Our Extended Warranty Plan covers this periodical inspection, and aims to provide you with trouble free operation.

Customer Support

Quick response to any issues you may experience with our system.
If the problem cannot be resolved over the phone or by remote connection we will send a Smart security camera professional technician within 72 hours.

Annual Maintenance Plans

Smart Security Camera technicians have experienced many businesses that neglect their security systems once it has been installed. Businesses often don’t react until their business has been threatened or broken into.  If your security system is not maintained over time it will not work correctly when you need it most.  This can lead to loss of stock/productivity for business owners and frustration for staff.
Business Security Maintenance Plans are an important part of reducing risk to your business. Like a car, your system needs regular checks to ensure that it is operating effectively and not going to break down when you need it most.  We recommend that together, we adopt a security maintenance plan.  This will ensure that your business security systems are maintained throughout the year for your peace of mind.
Whether we have installed your security system or not we have a preventive maintenance plan to suit your ongoing security maintenance requirements and budget.  Small or large business, we will adopt a security maintenance plan that will save you money and give you peace of mind that your security system is in good hands long term.
Smart Security Preventative Security Maintenance Plans Include:
  • Priority scheduling
  • Fixed budgeted costs
  • Unlimited tech phone|email support
  • Software updates
  • No charge for Labor or Travel
  • Periodic system maintenance checks
Our Ongoing Client Support
Our team can provide you with a quote based on your security systems installed and on your approval, we will manage the system maintenance plan so that you can be assured that the system is taken care of throughout the year.
We are here to help you and answer any questions that you may have regarding your security maintenance requirement. Please call us at 905-407-5717 for an obligation free site assessment or complete the Request Quote Form and we will contact you within 48 hours!